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Promoting sustainable ag

Some of the most significant work done by Flooded Cellar has been about the System of Rice Intensification (SRI). SRI is a pro-poor, climate smart, environmentally sound method of growing rice, one of the most important food staples on the planet.

SRI provides tangible results for farmers who have been able to take ownership of the methodology without recourse to credit or expensive inputs because once they have the knowledge, they have the means to implement the method. This sustainable agricultural technique offers a low cost, high yielding production option that favours organic fertilisation and culturally important varieties as well as saving on water and offering significant climate change resilience.

We have collaborated with Cornell’s SRI-Rice for the past 7 years.

We are living in a world where it has become crucial to be able to grow more in the face of climate change and reduced resource availability and there are many other sustainable agricultural techniques which also offer low cost, high yielding production options and which are well suited to the increasing demands brought about by climate change.

It is for this reason that Declan McCormack and Sue Price joined with a world-leading proponent of Conservation Agriculture (CA), Professor Amir Kassam, to form the non profit, International Network for Sustainable Production Intensification in the Rural Environment, INSPIRE, a UK-registered Community Interest Company (cic).

The aim of INSPIRE is to partner with organisations involved in SRI and CA and to produce informational, inspirational and instructional video material for use across the world with the aim of encouraging further uptake at grassroots and increased support for these methods from policymakers. The work will be based on the power of stories to encourage farmers and others to consider taking on these timely methodologies.

We welcome those interested to join up and contribute to the storytelling. The INSPIRE website is here

INSPIRE has also started an initiative that promotes the benefits of SRI for women called SRI4Women. The website is here

Here is a selection of SRI videos made by Flooded Cellar:


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