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International standards in food safety and nutrition, labelling and safe
limits of additives and chemical agents have become increasingly
important as trade becomes more global. These are also vital
considerations in the campaign to reduce foodborne disease and other
non-communicable diseases. They are also crucial benchmarks in the
fight against food fraud.

Flooded Cellar Productions has been working in recent years with the
Codex Alimentarius to bring to a wider public the ways in which
international standards and guidelines are helping countries to improve
the quality of domestic food consumption and to ensure the safety and
integrity of exported foodstuffs.

We have now produced a number of videos from around the world that
show how the application of basic standards and guidelines is helping
less developed countries to protect their citizens and boost their export
potential. The application of international standards is providing
guarantees of safety and quality to more demanding markets. In addition,
these standards are contributing to a reduction of disease and
malnutrition in some areas.

The videos we have produced so far can be viewed on our Codex playlists.
Some of these videos are also available in French, Spanish, Arabic and
Russian. They include stories from:

Further storylines are being developed and more videos will shortly become